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Headed out to a farm with a friend of mine (along with our families,) we had a fun afternoon shooting. It was exciting to shoot my Mosin's for the first time (Finn M27 and a Soviet 91/30.) Both were fun, but the M27 was a real pleasure to shoot, great trigger. And despite all the (unwarranted, imo) negative bias I've been getting about the .32 insert, it worked very well and allowed the kids and my friend's wife to shoot the gun without the big bang and recoil. (The kids had a blast pretending they were off-ing Nazi's.) And I must admit it was fun for me as well to plink with it. Unfortunately, we were almost out of daylight before breaking out the 7.62 ammo, so we didn't have time set up any targets. But I'm sure I hit the tree stump I was aiming at. :)

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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