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I'm going to fast forward this....gun ran fine put away for 10 plus years....then all hell breaks loose. After going through this thing....I just fixed it! Many steps in this order....
.014mm gap....change rollers get .018mm change. Put back original rollers to .014.
Charging handle pivot and the gap releasing rollers, in spec.
Change all springs, redo the trigger pack....perform trigger job. Replace buffer with the spring type from Bill Springfield not the rock hard rubber crap. Lapping the interior with Lapping compound....excellent results. Charging still tough, but a little better? The bolt assembly slides in and out great! Geez my smithing talents are being challenged!

Just weird....those pawl springs are really taught! Got a 50 deg. Locking piece from Apex....looks almost new, locking lever the same, actually looks unissued, and locking lever spring.....put in reassemble. The end result....the lapping and the Apex parts and this thing is better than new! A baby could charge it....runs great too. Happy! Lapping, then change return spring hk is the same spring, new parts (3) and you should be good to go. Hope this helps.
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