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A local shop has an FIC Musketeer in 30-06 that I could probably get for around $400 otd

It appears to have been a safe queen as there is very little wear in the bluing, stock, and bolt. I wasn’t able to check down the barrel since they couldn’t find their bore light, but I would assume it is in very good condition judging by the rest of the rifle.

The receiver is marked "FN made in Belgium" and the barrel has none of the proof marks I would associate with a Belgian barrel. After searching the internet, I couldn’t find any info on the source of the barrel.

I know very little about these, but I do know that the Belgian commercial 98s are supposedly very good rifles.

So my questions are:

1.) Is the barrel an FN Belgian barrel?

2.) Are these rifles of good quality? (Accurate, durable, etc.)

3.) Is ~$400 a good price?

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pictures....would help?
....FN is proof's....not Belgium .....

SOME SAY: High standard was putting barrels on a lot of FNs and sold barrels to others...
mauser actions imported
Marlin made barrels micro grooved during that area....for some inports they set up...I DON'T KNOW IT THEY SOLD EXTRAS?

there great guns shoot great, good looking ....i'm after a FI manlicker between $ 350/$400 98%..i offered $325....may have missed it?

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RE the Musketeer

Gun Runner
The general answer is that the rifle you describe is quite legitimate and a good quality rifle. The action is from the great FN factory in Belgium. It was barreled, stocked and marketed in the US. High Standard Mfg Co made many of the barrels for the the later FN actioned rifles that were marketed by various American rifle manufacturers of the era. They are the 'usual suspect' but i cannot confirm that any for the Musketeer series wore HS barrels. Further, Musketeers went through several iterations with such as glossy stocks and satin stocks finishes at differing production periods.
The first Musketeer rifles were offered in the late nineteen fifties, but most specimens date to the nineteen sixties. While earlier FN actions had steel bottom metal, the use of aluminum was creeping in among rifle manufacturers of the sixties. Almost all of the Musketeers were so equipped. That was simply working toward a standard of the day. Nothing really wrong with that except that it is more prone to unsightly scratches and much more of a problem to refinish if necessary. The Musketeer that you observed likely incorporated a good quality adjustable trigger. Belgian proof marks would only have been applied in the proofing process. An exported action alone could not have been fired and ergo, was not subject to being ‘proofed’.
I have several of these rifles matching the exterior condition that you describe and consider them nice pieces. Historically these rifles sell under the normal market price for FN action products. Generally I believe it is because of the same lack of knowledge that you reflect. Due to such circumstance, when found they are often toward the bargain price. Subject to confirming bore condition and a general mechanical inspection, I would not hesitate to ad such a rifle to my numbers.
Below a photo of one of my Musketeers, this in 7mm Remington Mag.
Good luck and…
My take.