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God I love education!

Through the university I'm attending I am able to endlessly search 105 years of Los Angles Times Articles! On top of that should I also feel so inclined- 151 years of New York Times articles!

Oh to be immersed in the times! I've so far spent HOURS pouring over articles written Nov & Dec, 1939 about the Winter War, as well as countless articles about the 'progress' of WWI in 1917...

Nothing feels quite like it- It feels almost as if one is really in that time period...

ANYWAY, I found quite a few gems and I find these things simply fascinating- I'll share some more if anyone is interested- but this one was my favorite (so far)-

"Few Changes in Small Arms" Printed in the Los Angeles times NOVEMBER 28th, 1914.
It's about what the Nations of Europe are 'currently' armed with & who has the 'upper hand.' ALSO It looks like the desire for an semi-automatic rifle existed even then. Tell that to the Russians & the Federov :)


P.s. Note they spell the ol' Mosin Nagant- the "Nagent." Sorry Tuco, Vic, Ted & everyone who appriciates correctness (myself included)- it looks like this goes deeper (and older) than we thought ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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