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C96 ExChina "Carbines"

We had these here in Australia as well, but they didn't come from "Fed-ord" but direct from China. I doubt Fed-ord actually "manufactured" anything at all on these guns.

My example has a long 7,63 barrell sleeved into the Original Mauser slide (not 16 inch, as this requirement does/did not exist in Australia, only total overall length of 30 inches(Now 75cm) to avoid "pistol" classification. The stock was "fixed" (ie, not a pistolgrip with removable butt, but a screwed-on, fixed butt...a true "Mauser carbine".

And the frame was a carefully welded up SchnellFeuer Receiver. The main trigger frame was a Normal C96 (semi auto) trigger block, with relevant SA parts. Magazine was a "Mauser" marked 10 round removable, obviously old ( re-blued).

I have seen similar ones here (before the 1996 GunCrush) which were built on "Normal" C96 receivers.
BTW, my "carbine " has #050.(Chinese applied) and original Mauser "Banner" markings ( other parts have some (German) ##

It seems that these were acquired by Fed-Ord during the GCA68 Import bans, by the subterfuge of buying them from the Chinese "Police" ( Police guns could be imported under GCA 68, but "Military" Guns could not.). Anybody who knows anything about China can see through this semantic subterfuge ( Both Military and Police are part of the same Government, and their Weapons supply chains are interlinked.) Similar subterfuges were used to import M1935 Chilean Mauser Carabineros Rifles, on the pretext that they were "Police" issue...everyone with a modicum of knowledge of Latin Police structures knows that the "Carabineros" are yes, a "Police Force" but depend from the Defence Ministry, not the Interior Ministry (just like the Carabinieri in Italy).

As to the "manufacture" I would say that all the making work was done in China, and only final assembly was done in Cali.(if at all). Under current US trade laws, that qualifies as "Manufacture" qualifies as Deceptive Labelling here in Australia.

I would examine carefully the insides of the main frame, because the rewelding is so well done, it is not discernible from the outside, even under angled light.

regards, Doc AV

PS, Don't use heavy loads on these re-builds, as they tend to hammer the Bolt Stop Yoke.
(My experience with 7,63x25 handloads.) And definitely don't use Tokarev/SMG loads in them. The same would apply for those "up-calibred" to 9mm Para.
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