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Very real...
Got an email today from David Tubb re: Speedlock firing pin and spring set for Mosin.
I have been after them to do up a Speedlock for Mosin every since I put one in my K98 ... awesome quick lock time and it cured the problem with 1950's 8mm that didn't want to go bang.

They said... not yet! They are holding off for fear of Obamanation and what will happen to the gun industry. While they fully realize the potential to equip millions of Mosins with the product ... the industry is just scared to death to jump into anything new until they see what crap falls from the sky of Hope and Change.

Most friggen ugly situation!

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Already beat you to the punch Clyde!!!

Last week I let my Congressman(Tom Latham-R IA) know how I felt about the RKBA, and the fairness doctrine just for Ss and Gs. Got a letter back the yesterday confirming his belief in the same, and that he will do EVERYTHING IN HIS POWER to block any anti-gun legislation. It's damn nice to know there is SOMEONE in Washington working on my behalf.

Thank God for the likes of Tom Latham
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