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Newer posts of interest / FAQs

Zf.41 site

Sling sites

Sling educator link: German pre and WWII sling thread

Captured Weapon Designations

Capture Documents amp Reproduction Recognition

Sling and leather care in German army

Reading WWII German Ammo Box Labels

Repairing a "duffle cut" (pics)

Protectant lubes / Corrosion testing

Fraktur letter fonts

"j" suffix in serial numbers?

K98k Production Facilities Map

What's that "hole" for in the K98k buttstock?

New book on productions code etc.

Folks I dont know how long the "old boards" will last, so download all the below data before it's gone!!!!...
A lot of good info here! BAF

Ok...............I spent a bunch of time copy/pasting/transfering photo's to save this info gent's(dial up!)--
I hope it will help you in your collecting...Although the format is not as easy to read--it's saved!


Originally posted by Bob in Ohio
New collectors to the Model 98 or K98k (German WWII Mauser) are always faced with a daunting task with scrips and scraps of information. These forums have numerous questions that get recycled. Here's an attempt to address some of the fundamental and FAQs that new collectors might be asking. I hope it helps...


1) Where do I find information on those codes, waffenamts, production, and subcontractors?

2) What is the best book on the WWII Mauser?

3) How do I refinish a RC and are they collectable?

4) What’s the white lettering I see on the markings?

5) What length cleaning rod do I need?

6) I screwed up my bolt (decocked it). Help me!!

7) How do I disassemble the bolt?

8) What do you think about Mitchell’s Mauser?

9) What ammo do I use in my K98 and what about safety?

10) Are K98s Faked and are their deceptive practices in this hobby?

11) Information about Death heads/ SS marked and scrubbed receiver guns RC debate

12)How do I know if the stock has the original finish?

13) Tell me something about original slings?

14) How do I install a sling?

15) Which is the best or favorite or preference in a K98?

16) What’s a duffle cut?

17) Are these rifles considered an investment?

18) How do I successfully photograph rifles?

19) How do I clean/preserve my rifle?

20) Why did the Germans number all those parts down to the screws in some early guns?

21) Is there any ammo information?

Well, German ammo is 8mm x 57mm. Ammo came 15 rds per box and some were on stripper clips and others were loose. firms
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