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Posted - 04/03/2006 : 10:48:16 PM

Cavalry carbines had Two Piece rods. The Three-Piece Rod is the M38 type, for Fucile Corto ( either 7,35 or 6,5, same rod diameters).

The dimensions of the actual rod pieces are the same ( screw threads, OAL of segments, etc. the "Loop end" was the same for both, only the other bits were different from the Loop, but alike by themselves (ie you had a "Loop end" and add-on segments, so there were less bits to make differently; for the longer barreleld M38, they just added an extra segment to cover the longer barrel ( and made the Butt hole bigger).

So you must have got a M38 rod bundle with your 91 CC. Does make cleaning easier with the longer rod, but a pain in the butt fitting it into the butt trap (NO Pun intended).

In practice, a lot of Carcanos have mixed-up rod assemblies, some with only segments, and no "Loop", others with two Loops ( which don't screw together, but only into bottom segments) etc.)

regards, Doc AV
AV Ballistics
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