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This may appear a bit particular in scope. However, a constant - and very welcome - element of the old forum (Second Forum) have been identification queries of newbies, which have been and will be answered gladly.

When describing a weapon with which one is not familiar, one does not always know which details are important, in order to contribute to research (a main focus of this forum), and to enable your respondent to give you a meaningful answer.

I have recently come across two excellent and very diligent old inquiries which may well serve as an example for what kind of description is adequate and helpful for the above purposes:

1. Cavalry Carbine

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Posted - 01/03/2004 : 7:06:26 PM
A friend of mine just dropped off a couple of rifles he inherited from his grandfather, a WWII vet, for me to clean up and identify for him. One is a mismatched, bubbaized mauser that I still need to decipher and one is a very nice original looking carcano carbine of some sort. I never dealt with carcano's before so maybe y'all can help me identify it and give me a ball park value.

Here goes,

It is a 6.5 carbine with a 17" barrel and is 36 1/2" in overall length. Starting at the muzzle, it has a dovetail front sight mounted on a combination fixed bayonet mount with a push button. The bayonet itself is a trifoil design that is 13 1/2" long, the end of which, when folded, resides in a groove on the underside of the stock. The stock is approximately 26" long and has a small trap type buttplate which contains a 2 piece cleaning rod. the left rear of the stock has a sling mount/cutout. Below that is a faint R or B and an A cartouche and the serial number below that. The front band is held on by a single screw and also contains a sling mount on the left side. There is also a single lip like projection on top of the band which I suppose helps hold on the short 4 3/4" hand guard.
The rear sight is fixed and marked CAL 6.5 in front of the notch. The chamber is marked with GARDONE V.T. on top, 941-XIX (upside down) on the right side and RH 9427 (serial number) on the left side. The bolt appears to be unmarked except for a faint marking contained within a rectangle which I cannot decipher. The underside of the cocking piece guide is marked with GALESI within a rectangle. the safety is marked with what appears to be either a L2 or LZ within an oval.
Well that's about all the information I can glean of this rifle without taking it out of the stock. The finish is what I would rate at 90% or better and the bore is in good to verygood condition after a quick scrubbing. As I initially stated, this is a vet bring back so it's not import marked. What does my friend have and what is it's estimated value. I wish I had a digital camera so it would make this a lot easier, but alas I don't.


2. Special Troops' Carbine (Moschetto TS)

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Posted - 08/29/2003 : 11:51:34 PM
To make room for the new 41 when I do find it, I have to sell off a 91/28 that came from Century last year. 1917 manufacture stamped Brescia. Shorter range rear site. Any suggestions for where to sell (AA, GB, here?) and what to ask?
Alexander - Thank you for the help. In response to your post:
4) Details of my Mochetto TS 91:

Octagonal barrel shank stamped on top flat with "BRESCIA". On first LHS flat with serial number "AG298" On second LHS flat "BL" w/in an oval and another stamp within a second oval that I cannot read. First RHS flat says "1917" and second RHS flat appears to have a "PG" on it.

Rear site is graduated to 1500 and also seems to have the same "BL" and mystery oval stamp as on LHS of barrel. Button for rear site in poor condition.

Receiver has these same two stamps at the 12 o'clock position (directly above chamber.) Markings are not terribly clear, but since metal is not worn or rusted, this almost seems to be due to bad stamps vs wear and tear. Interesting that receiver's serial number (AG296) does not match barrel (AG298).

Root of bolt handle has an "SD" marking on top. Bottom has circle marking with crown over "N" and possible two other letters. Cocking piece has single stamp, again oval w/ unclear markings.(I need better light in here! or younger eyes.) Safety has "VG".

Stock has side and bottom sling swivels. No stock cartouche, although remains of what is likely serial number visible near butt plate. Nose cap has small "ME" stamp. Finish is quite dark in color; a mix of red and brown that is walnut in color but stock is definitely not walnut. More like elm or beach in how it has crecent-shaped patterns in places. Very solid but missing varnish in places. Hand guard missing sliver by front band. No Cleaning rod missing.

There you have it - a lot more info than warranted by the worth of the piece, but any feedback would be appreciated.


3. Cavalry Carbine

Posted - 03/22/2004 : 10:28:21 PM

OK took that Cav. Carcano apart and here is what I found.

Top of Barrel:
tiny oval with crown & Cross in sheild
XQ 6212
"Y" very tiny with equal length arms

UNDER BARREL: AA, 41, 27 in a circle, "AS" in a rectangle, V, B, "o" with a period under it, 7 in a circle, two things that look like pliers or incomplete 8, "Y" that is elongated, "T" tall and skinny.

TRIGGER: Circle with what looks like a hammer in it, it's not a good strike but thats what it seems like.

REAR SIGHT: AA, P), "AS" in a rectangle.

FRONT SIGHT: (right side) 362D, (left side) star in a circle, PS.

BAYONET: (push button folding) star in a circle, PS.

BOLT: AA, "Y" in a circle, AA on safety, AA-10-3-RQV on long lug to rear of bolt.

"33" in rear of receiver by where the long screw comes UP from trigger guard.

"CN" in stock under the rear of trigger guard.

Trigger Guard and Barrel band and Butt Plate unmarked.
No import mark.
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