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Posted - 05/22/2006 : 7:52:23 PM
Easy as pie! Open the bolt and pull about halfway back. There is a ring around the receiver with a narrow part. Rotate the ring until the narrow part is matched up with the little bar you see in place through the receiver.

Using a small screwdriver, push or gently tap the bar up through the narrow part of the ring until it stops. Do not use excessive force here as the bar is invisibly held in place by a small retainer screw that will fail (shear off) under excessive pressure. With the bar all the way to the top, the bolt may now be removed.

Re-assemble in reverse order. The main point here is to only put the bolt about halfway in before tapping the bar back down. In the 10.4 V-Vs, the ring is also a cartridge cut-off. SW

Posted - 05/22/2006 : 8:04:50 PM
Thanks, I tapped on the bottom of the bar,it clicked up, I felt as if it was right on course. Bolt seemed to want to come out. I tapped a little more, the little bar, moved up and the screw, stayed in wherever it was connected. The bar now showed a hole where the screw head was, (oh,no!) When I removed the bolt, and tapped the bar back in, the hole lined up with the screw head, phew! I thought I did what you warned me about. Anyway, I'll post pics soon.
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