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Couple weeks ago I bought this flag, with the intentions of it being a really nice fake for use on my recently constructed pole bayonet. The flag came in the mail last week and I figured to post an update on it. The flag sort of smelled like ink, which like paint has a smell even after it dries for sometime. The green/gold corners look to be the post war gold paper type with re-enforced nylon/web backing that I've seen before. I ink pen marked it as a fake. Having bought it as a fake, I did leave the seller ( oldtextile ) neutral feedback stating that the flag is not WWII, and that the seller signs the flags himself, as well as it serving as warning to future buyers who (hopefully) view his feedback first. He never left any responding feedback to my comment nor did he leave me any feedback yet. Now with in the last 3 weeks, he has since listed two more of these flags at 80.00 each, and sold one. All said an done, I do think it looks really nice on my bamboo pole bayonet, much nicer than the other flag I had on it.

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