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I have owned this pistol since 1980 ,never shot it been in storage all this time.
I bought it along with some Sumari swords & other WW11 Items from a Vet who told me he took all the stuff from the officer corp on Gaudacanal in WW11.
Now that is all I know about the gun I am not a handgun guy, first one I've owned and still don't own any.
Rifle's Product Gun Brown Firearm Photograph
that's my thing.
I have not researched anything about this gun so what you see is what ya get, I diid find that these sell from 200.00 To 800.00. so I would like $400.00 for it or make your best offer I might take it.
I will send as many pics as you need pm your e-mail and I'll send what i have.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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