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OK, let's have another attempt to add my post to this thread, since the last one seems to have disappeared.

1. If it is a handgun BP replica that fires cartridges, then it is a PROHIBITED FIREARM under the 1998 Amendment to the Firearms Acts of 1967 and 1988.

Unless your pal lives in Nothern Ireland, in which case it is permitted. Remember that while we move on. Cartridge-firing handguns, including replicas, are banned in England, Wales and Scotland, unless they are conformal to the rules of the so-called 'long-barrelled revolver'. IOW - the barrel is more than 14" long, and the item must be fitted with an extension to the grip that brings the entire overall length to 24 inches or more. I don't know, but I suspect that this is not what you have in mind.

2. Of course guns from the USA end up in the UK - I have a number of American-made firearms that have made the trip. To say that it cannot happen is ludicrous in the extreme. At least 50% of ALL firearms sold in the UK come from the USA.

But, like I said, IF the thing is a handgun and your pal lives in England, Wales or Scotland you are wasting your time.

3. If it is any long-arm, then you are good to go. You must do the deal through an FFL who has the necessary exportation license - see the post above. HE must send it to the British equivalent of an FFL, over here they are called RFD [Registered Firearms Dealers].

4. The RFD must collect the arm from HM Customs and Excise, where it will have been seized in any case, pay the duty, and take it to his dealership.

5. Your pal MUST be in possession of a valid Firearms Certificate with an entry on it for that firearm by type, ie. lever-action carbine, breech-loading rifle or carbine, or whatever. Without that, it will gather dust. The RFD will close the deal by selling it on to him after taking his cut.

If I were you, I wouldn't bother.

My $0.02.


PS - and I'm trying to be kind here, but do NOT be tempted to try and get around the rules - certain calibres of genuinely original handguns - those that fire an obsolete cartridge that is not generally availalble - CAN and are able to be obtained legally here in mainland UK. But try to get around it illegally by shipping it out as an antique and you WILL be in the deepest sh*te you can think of, and your pal could end up facing a jail sentence of at least five years for 'attempting to acquire , by illegal means, the illegal possession of a Section 1 Firearm'. And YOU, my friend, will be the guy who started it all off. Here in not-so-Merrie-England, simple illegal possession of a single round of ammunition CAN get you the same deal, so you can see that this kind of thing is taken very seriously here in UK.

Handguns, either genuine or replica, that fire THESE two - .44-40 and .45 Long Colt - are prohibited firearms on mainland UK - just like any other cartridge-firing handgun under the general rule.

Please note that live-firing replica of ANY kind of firearm, including flintlock or even matchlock - is treated as a brand-new, off the rack Section 1 Firearm.
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