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Expensive Capture Papers??????

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This has to be one of the most expensive sets of capture papers I have seen :

Nice pistol, but from a relatively "common" range. Holster is alright, but nothing to write home about. Buyer must have valued the rig with the capture papers to be something special? Or maybe with inflation, that currency is worth a lot of money nowadays? ;)
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When it got a bid I had to doublecheck if the flag came with it. Wow
Last year I bought an almost identical condition t94 and holster dated may 44 for a third of that price on GB. Aren't capture papers easily faked? Big risk to take.
at least the pistols serial number is on the paper, otherwise the paper would be worthless as it could be attached to any pistol imo. i like the capture paper stuff but authenticity is a biggie! most of the time i do prelim research on the vet to see where he was during the war, if his rate on the paper is the same as what is listed in ancestrys muster rolls/service recored, etc. i would have bid on this one but somehow i missed it??
According to another member, on another forum, 99% of capture papers are fake. I don't believe that for a minute. Of course there are fakes. But, too often papered weapons are inherited, or bought for market value. No need for fakery. The most expensive papered item I've seen, was a 1966 dated Russian Makarov with holster, and Vietnam papers. Just south of 6K!!! I figure that puts the value of those three piece of paper, at about $1500.00 each!
IMHO the fair market value of the rig in question wouldn't break $1k. I have seen the winning bidder before and when he latches onto something, he usually wins - albeit he pays toooooop dollar doing so. I don't mind paying a small premium for something that I really want or need (ask my wife and she will say that I don't need anything) to have in my collection, hoping that within a few years, I will earn that premium back. In this case of this, I don't think anyone of us will be around when the value rises to what was paid.
I remember seeing that Makarov Trenchwarfare, that was nuts!!
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