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Ex-Sniper Restoration

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I am about to embark on an ex sniper restoration. I have a bolt and an original '44 dated PU scope and accessories. I have read all the pertinent posts here and I thank you all for the contributions.

My question is whether the holes are plugged with pins and screws or just pins. I have a buddy who swears his 91/30 had only pins lightly welded into the receiver. He said he used a punch to tap them out, breaking the tack weld that held them, easily.

I am expecting otherwise. I have full machine shop so I am familiar with the removal process. I am hoping that they weren't too aggressive with their welding!~Andy
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AMMOe - I have just finished the second of two '43 Iz. exPU restorations. First one - screw plugs/pin plugs had almost zero weld over them so they were super easy to remove: tapped pin plugs out w/punch from inside the receiver, drilled small pilot hole in screw plugs and used "easy out". Second one - solidly welded pin and screw plugs: after lots of carefull measuring etc. I drilled a small pilot hole through each plug then used a round "jewelers file" to get a perfectly centered hole - very simple then to drill out remainder of original plugs. I ran tap into screw holes from inside the receiver, using original threads to start tap - so all holes/threads are exactly per original.
I used mounting "kits" from John Zhukov - pin holes and one screw hole aligned perfectly on each base plate, had a friend weld the misaligned hole up for me then redrilled new screw/lock screw holes as required. Worked really well. If I do another PU project I will probably just order the "undrilled screw holes" baseplate as I have acquired the drill/milling bits to make perfect copies of the holes.
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