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Ex-Sniper Restoration

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I am about to embark on an ex sniper restoration. I have a bolt and an original '44 dated PU scope and accessories. I have read all the pertinent posts here and I thank you all for the contributions.

My question is whether the holes are plugged with pins and screws or just pins. I have a buddy who swears his 91/30 had only pins lightly welded into the receiver. He said he used a punch to tap them out, breaking the tack weld that held them, easily.

I am expecting otherwise. I have full machine shop so I am familiar with the removal process. I am hoping that they weren't too aggressive with their welding!~Andy
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I was talking to a friend of mine who is a retired machinist at the gunshow yesterday about doing an ex sniper. He said that he wouldn't do them anymore as he had broken too much carbide tooling trying to drill and mill out the welded in screws. Said that if you broke a bit or mill you had lost what you would have made on the job. As the guy's have said some aren't a problem and some will make you pull out your hair. I've got a PE that I'm about afraid to start on...
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