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Ex-sniper restoration

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Looks like I am getting 2 ex-snipers to go with two scopes/mounts that I have. I know that 'boltman' does great work with the bolts, but who does the actual stock work and screw removal?

I think this may be a project I can tackle myself--removing the old screws and cutting the wood--though I would prefer someone to talk me out of this since I will more than likely just mess it up.
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What types of ex-snipers you have?
If it's top mount PE (hex or round), I would not recommend doing it yourself.
PU and side rail PEM, on the other hand, are manageable (with proper tools and some metal work skill level).
GB members that have done these in the past can walk you through the process.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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