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I wouldn't buy one, period. They are, after all, junked as snipers.
Highly debated.
Some indeed where in to bad of shape to continue as snipers.
But with 50-200k snipers in ww2, thats alot of optics to clean. I imagine the Russians didnt want to spend the money on it so they just turned them back into normal infantry use rifles.

Most all of the ex snipers are from the latter, they arnt "junk" but the russians had to many rifles to take care of and to few $ to do it with.
I have to agree with ncreptile. The fact that Soviets went into trouble of converting these rifles into regular infantry rifles shows that they did not want anymore mosin sniper rifles, but still wanted regular rifles. Nothing in this action shows that they were "junked".
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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