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It is my believe that the bulk of interesting, original WWII K98k's are not in the US. It is my believe that they are still in Europe. Nummerngleich or not (not every K98k came "nummerngleich" out of WWII). It is my believe that they are "released by small numbers" into the international market. To keep a price high you have to present "rarity". Tons of WWII weapons are kept away from interested individual buyers to raise the price (this goes on for decades know, 99,9% of the people haven't even a clue!).
Doesn't fly in the US, may work in Europe, but due to customs and ATF regs in the states, there is no way to bring "interesting, original WWII K98k's" into this country, and since this country is where the big money is paid, how would this plan help keep the price high?

That is a cool site though, and I do believe dewats have a place....I would love to be able to buy the inactivated stuff they can buy in Europe and Canada, like the MG's...

Look, we aren't going to get an more amnesties in this country, and I am not at this point going to consider spending 30k on a cool MG-34 or I would love to be able to by the stuff you can buy elsewhere. Canada makes great can cycle the actions, disassmble like the real thing...they are great display pieces. But even though they are acceptable in Canada which has more draconian gun laws than us, ATF won't allow them here.

I would love that kriegsmarine 20mm Oerlikon he has listed....
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