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umm. good topic.
Ill chime in, my comments are in two areas. one is rifles/pistols, the other is 'militaria' IE non weapon type collectibles.
on the rifle/pistol issue? America hands down. you see, here, per the constitution of the united states, ownership is a personal right. im more a 'trader/shooter' than a 'numbers' person, and i own at any given time 20-25 guns. right in my home. easy. no cops, not licence,and i can buy a k98 with cash from private individual. cant mail it, with out a licence, but face to face is OK. so... for example i just walked into a farm barn and saw 50 rifles and pistols a old man had collected over the years. several of these members have 50 or more mausers. you just CANT do that in Europe without BIG euro. there are gun collections i see at least twice a year from old folk of over 100 guns. that's not counting the collections of 5-10 guns. As to the 'buyer beware' issue here in the states? that's everything from rifles to reclining chairs.
Now... That said, Europe is a GOLD MINE for militaria, same 'buyer beware' rules apply, but you can go to a flea market and find all kinds of real german/allied stuff cheep.
or get family or some friend to keep a eye out, and chat around and things pop up. reason to throw argue! just a different collecting environment.
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