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Eric Holder's long war against gun ownership

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This is the same guy who claims he knew nothing of Fast and Furious. The evidence stacks up that he more than knew, now we are reminded of his comments of the need to brainwash people against guns in '95. Would such a guy sell weapons to Mexican criminals to undo our Second Amendment rights? Obviously he would.

Holder and his boss need to be voted out this November. Do your part in that effort, drag your friends and family out to the polls to help.
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It seems to me this whole Holder business is not getting the attention that it should. Agents died. 2nd amendment rights were violated. The attorney general of the United States used illegal and unconstitutional methods (against border guard and FBI advice) to get Americans killed and cost taxpayers millions of dollars. Then he denies knowing about it despite thousands of personal emails.Either Holder is the biggest liar in History or the most incompetant attorney general ever appointed.This man has been working to abolish 2nd amendment rights for years and he must me fired.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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