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Picked up a 1915 dated Erfurt Kar. 98 at the Richmond show today. All matching except the guard screws (but correct Imperial) and the back half of the handguard which is missing. The rifle was duffle cut under the rear band and the handguard was cut in the same location. I guess the back half of the handguard got misplaced over the years.

The rifle is in overall VG condition, no pitting, some nice color in the stock.

SimsonS. the barrel marings under the wood are FP, Imperial Inspection Stamp and BO 216
let me know if you need pics and I will try and get some outdoors tomorrow.

The buttplate also has some interesting marks that I did not notice until I wiped it down. On the back of the buttplate it is marked, 187. over I. L. 19. These markings are in addition to the sn on the buttplate. Any thoughts on their meaning?

regards, runner
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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