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Hehehe, bit late for the 4.1 pull eh ?

This topic has been covered many times over the years, but Dawgs, I disagree with you on one thing. The bomb needed to be dropped to get the sucker Hirohito and the Imperial Japanese military machine to it's knees quickly, yes I may be able to understand that part, but dropping them intentionally on known heavily civilian targets was not a choice that would ever be appreciated, especially by the receiving end. But I guess this topic belongs to be talked about when August comes around.
Edokko, what do you think the effect would have been had the U.S. first demonstrated the weapon to Japan by exploding one over Mt. Fuji? Some of the history I've read says the hard cases in the Army weren't ready to quit even after Hiroshima.

There was a Japanese salesman,who past away this year, he was visiting Hiroshima when the bomb fell. He survived and they rushed him home to recover with his family, in Nagasaki. The only man in history to survive two nuclear weapons attacks!
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