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DocAV, Rubber Guns and "Australia"

Sadly, the only connection with "Australia" ( the film) for Doc AV (AV Ballistics) was the scatterring of real .303 fired cases around the ground under the Lewis AA Gun and other "set dressing" instances---about 20 kilos of once-fired Aussie brass .303 cases (not matched for date, but who's looking???....We actually sacrified that amount of good, Berdan reloadable cases for their mere scrap brass value...when we could have reloaded them as Vickers Gun blanks at $1,00 a shot. ( and that was before the Brass/Resources price rise and fall)

The Dunked rifles were most probably "rubber duckies" ( from another friendly Movie Gun Firm); Nobody but Nobody in their right mind would allow an Enfield(or any other rifle, for that matter,) to disappear under the waves.....just think of the paperwork involved if you actually "lost one" at sea(or in a creek or pond???).

I haven't been to see it yet, but have promised the wife to take her during our Gold Coast Festive break.

regards, and Merry Xmas to all, from (Rainy) Queensland right now...

Doc AV
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