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Egyptian trio...

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came into the local shop. The of the nicest SAFN-49 Egyptian contracts I have seen. Has one of the hardwood butt stocks with the brass butt plate. SN# 18799 and it is matching numbers. I thought the bore was bad but two passes with a patch proved me wrong..nice and shiny! It is a Century St. Albans import but has the Egyptian crown crest on the receiver. SNagged.

The second is a Rasheed. Everything is original including those brass keeper wires on the screws. I thought the bore was iffy..which would not be the norm in my experience..but it had some cosmo residue and looks like new. Snag pending.

The third is a three digit SN# Hakim. Very good condition..stock is original finish and not dinged up. It is missing the bumper on the deflector. The bore surprised is like a mirror. Snag pending.
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Great find and perfect triple header! The whole Egyptian collection, sans Maadi, in one swoop!
With the scarcity and prices of Rasheeds these days ... don't delay!
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