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Egyptian AK Ammo Question's.

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I bought some of my Friend's Egyptian 7.62x39mm Ammo. he got from somewhere. I am inclosing a Photo of one of the Boxes. Can someone translate it? Would like to know how old the Ammo is. Have not fired any of it yet. Has anyone out there done so? The Boxes are falling apart but the Ammo looks clean, just a litle Box Dust. thank's for any reply's. Paul


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I got a reply from my Friend who sold it to me. It was made at Factory-54 Maadi Egypt between 1977/1979. He states that Century told him it was Non-Corrosive. Paul
There is no Egyptian ammo factory 54, just 10 and 27. The label part you show doesn't have any date info on it. Can you post a pic of the headstamp? I'm not 100% sure, but I would not count on Century's "Non-Corrosive" declaration.
No Factory 54 was the where they made the Rifle's, but I thought they made the Ammo there also? I will have to check the Headstamp's. Were you able to translate the whole Label? if so what does it say?
No. I can read the numbers and tell what they mean by their format, but the writing is beyond me. The headstamp pic will tell the story. The factory number "27", will look something like this "YV" in Arabic. The three-place entry will be the initials for the Arab Republic of Egypt, and the remaining two digits will be for the year.
There was a code here somewhere on the Forums, translateing the Egyptian Number's. but I cant find it. if you know the link please Post.
A good photo of a Hakim or Hasheed's rear sight markings will give you the "code breaker" you need for those numbers.
I have quite a bit of this ammo, though it is from the 90's. Never had a single issue with it and, just to be on the safe side, I just assume it is corrosive (even if it si claimed not be) and take the normal precautions. I have to say, this is some of the "hottest", most accurate AK ammo I have come across and buy it as often as i have spare money that is not being used for builds and other projects. I have heard that the 70's era Egyptian ammo isn't the most reliable and was actually produced in places with questionable QC procedures. The 90's doesn't seem to have this issue - at least not that I have experienced in the close to a 1000 round I have fired. Needless to say, I love this stuff :thumbsup:

Here is a link to the page I used to decipher the writing on the case head.

Hope this helps!
Well finally got a photo of the Case. U.A.R. and Factory-26 and made in 1973. Than's Whos2know, for the Photo. Paul


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Actually ARE, Arab Rep. of Egypt. The UAR only existed, on paper, for a few years in the late'50s-early '60s.
Wow! I did not know that , still though it was the UAR. thank's Paul
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