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Edited Year !!! Model 1883 Reichrevolver

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I got this one yesterday in Columbia, don't know too much about it yet, but found it interesting. It is in great condition. Lots of markings, including s/n 1204, and the letters " V.C.S. * C.G.H. " over " SUHL" in an oval. Did not know what it was, browsed my books until I found a picture of it.


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Come on guys !!!!! I know some of you can tell me something about this one. Is there a way to decode the unit markings on the backstrap ? They read "R.1.H.8.2. ". Anyone know of a holster for it ? Value ?
OOPS ---- its a Model 1883 !!!

Learned something already !!
You need to take this to Jan Still's fourm. They have one just on the Reichrevolvers. There are people on there that can tell you all about it. I have one almost like yours mine was mfg. at Erfurt in 1893. They are Model 1883.
Your revolver was made by the consortium of V Christian Shilling and C G Haenel, both of Suhl. Is it dated? I think that the markings decode as revolver number 2 of the 8th squadron of the 1st Hussars reserve unit. However, can you please say what sizes and fonts the markings are; a photo would be much better.

I took 7 pictures of the markings - none came out !!! The letters are same size and both capitals, the 1 & 8 are slightly smaller than the letters, the 2 is about half the size of the letters. A member of another forum offered this translation, what do you think ??? Bavarian Infantry Regiment 1 Company 8 waffe Nr2
Rick Is the R in script (ie fancy curly writing)? I made my decode based on an article in an old Gun Digest. According to that a script R means Reserve, whilst a block capital H Hussars, Infantry is I, and yes the rack or gun number (your 2) should be the smallest.

Best deal I know on cartridges for this revolver -

Goex 44 Russian 205 RNFP, Black Powder
50 rounds per box
$22.00 per box

(If anyone in my area wants to split shipping on a bulk order, let me know)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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