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I took three 9mm 1911s to the range just to put some more rounds through them (none would qualify as fully broken-in yet). I'll move to running some SD rounds through them soon and once I'm satisfied with reliability, I'll begin carrying them occasionally.

It was a pleasant 80 degrees and I shot S&B 115gr LRN. Stood at 30' and shot one-handed bullseye style

-Wilson Combat 4" barrel EDC X9 15+1
-Ed Brown 4.25" FX2 w/RMRcc (green dot)
-Dan Wesson 4" ECP (sporting new stag grips from Mike at MDgrips in Tennessee)

Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Wood Gun accessory

All three of these made-in-usa guns have excellent triggers (Wilson Combat made in Arkansas, Ed Brown made in Missouri, Dan Wesson made in New York)

The Ed Brown with the dot sight is easiest for me to shoot... I can pick up the dot easily as I push it out in front of my right eye...and keep both eyes open (I'm a right hand shooter who is left eye dominant... With poor vision in that left dominant eye!)

Rectangle Grass Wood Plant Shade

I could not discern any accuracy difference between the three with just the few shots (Maybe 25) I ran through each

All three fit nicely in my kydex IWB (from Concealment Express) and leather OWB (from 1791 gun leather) holsters

Owb shown below

Bag Luggage and bags Beige Font Personal protective equipment
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