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I attended last evening's Easter Vigil so I could get some range time in this morning before joining the family for the ham, turkey and all the fixings. Joyous Easter to all.

I have recently done some conventional SKS modifications that I thought were worth sharing....

Live fire testing with the Scythian SKS Extended Mag Release proved to be the tactical advantage design for which it was intended. Detachable magazines released out and locked back in with the firearm in the shouldered position. There is an instant access to the release handle without searching, looking, feeling around or missing the intended function. It is "right there" in the "can't miss" location and requires no extra effort, thought or concentration.

My fascination and subsequent need for this extended release modification arose out of two other recent viable revelations (duckbilless, and the ultra modified drop-free bolt) that transformed a conventional medium range battlefield carbine into a highly functional SHTF firearm of high capacity and seamless reloading capabilities. It is hard to believe that it is the same gun. The difference is that stark.


1. Do the Duckbilless. With an extra stock it is completely reversible with no permanent modifications.

2. Do the double 45deg ultra modified drop-free bolt modification on a spare and properly headspaced bolt.

3. Employ the Scythian SKS Extended Mag Release with this package. Period.

Cost? Many may already have Tapco mags, an aftermarket or extra stock, and/or a spare bolt. But for those who don't, here is a scenario.

I modified three Tapco mags at $16 ea = $48
Extra bolt = $20
Scythian release (approximate shipped) = $20
Duckbilless attachment ledge = free if homemade or,
Marcus Mag Adapter (approx. shipped) = $50
Stock (if desired) =$20 (wood) to $70 (tactical)

Buying all the extras can run $150 to $200, depending on your taste in stocks, and number of mags. You can't buy an SKS-M or an AK for this money AND you can easily revert your gun back to stock, since there are no permanent modifications.

Now, what if I want to make the mods to my own gun without buying extras (utilizing the original bolt and stock)?

Mags = $48
Scythian = $20
Homemade duckbilless = $0 (time and scraps)
Bolt mod = $0 (time)
Marcus adapter = $50

So, for $68 to $118 you can do this conventional SKS transformation on a budget. The bolt will be permanently modified, and a small hole must be drilled through the stock for the Magadapter.

Compare to an SKS-M or D? $500
Cheap WASR-10? $400

I have shot all three style guns, and the converted SKS that I used this morning is a high-functioning, ergonomic tactical firearm of equal standing with the best 7.62 X 39 semi-automatic carbines.

Duckbilless modified Tapco Mag

Ultra modified Drop-Free bolt

Scythian SKS Extended Mag Release

The Marcus Magadapter

The modified (and truly tactical in terms of expediant firepower capacity) SKS

With Scythian release installed

Again. Happy and Joyous Easter to all!

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Awesome. I need another bolt, have five or more stocks, do you have tech drawings or dimensions of the adaptor? What a fun way to spend Easter. Is the D stock necessary to add the adaptor to? It looks as though the stock is already blocked in because it was an AK capable SKS. Did you need to inlet the block device inside the wood? And an Alby carrier too. You went all out.

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The thumbhole stock and alby bolt carrier were just kicking around, bootlegger. If you want to use a regular SKS stock or an aftermarket stock that is inletted for the fixed mag, I would highly recommend buying the adapter pre-made here -

It took me much trial and error to find the correct front latch rotation point when I inletted my own stock.

A few of us over on SKS Boards have been working on this for quite some time and the ideas of many have all come together in my gun. I can take very little credit, except that I was willing to put all the modifications to the test.

Here's a link to the ultra modified drop-free bolt thread.

The duckbilless magazine thread.

I don't have a link to the direct marketing for the Scythian mag release, but I'm sure I can get it. It's fairly new and I've had the privilege to test it.

The entire combination is thoroughly impressive. It makes an SKS every bit as efficient as a semi-auto AK in terms of overall firepower volume and speed of mag changing. I'm thoroughly impressed.
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