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East German 7.62x39 range ammo....

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Anyone remember this stuff? Came in a clear sort of blister pack with a paper back, 10 rounds per pack. I'm curious as to why this will cycle an AK47 but not an SKS. My wife loved shooting this stuff due to the low recoil.
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The AK is a long stroke gas system, the SKS uses a short stroke system. The AK system is better at running reduced loads because even at reduced loads the system is being driven by the gases, the SKS system opens the action and the rest is driven by gases in the barrel and recoil and is not as good at running reduced loads. In short the AK system is alittle more reliable when it comes to varying loads, the SKS needs a cartridge within a spec to run right.

I've owned only 1 SKS that would cycle these rounds with any regularity, most AK will run them although it feels like the gun is operating in slow motion ;) I still have about half a case left, that and the air core 762x54r are great as teaching aid.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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