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East German 7.62x39 range ammo....

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Anyone remember this stuff? Came in a clear sort of blister pack with a paper back, 10 rounds per pack. I'm curious as to why this will cycle an AK47 but not an SKS. My wife loved shooting this stuff due to the low recoil.
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On the back the paper is stamped with "10 Stuck" (with the .. over the letter u) and "M43 Ub" or something that looks like a "U" anyway. Definitely German. But yes, the projectile is steel with a nylon core. Fun to shoot, good to about 100 yards or so, very low recoil. I read that when the Marines went into Grenada in the 80's that the "construction workers" were shooting this range ammo at them. Not sure if it's true or not, but apparently there was a training base there and there were many magazines loaded with this stuff. I found this photo online..

Hi,,,, I realize that this is a very old post but have been trying to identify some 7.62x39 ammo in ten rd "Blister Packs" with cardboard back. (Packaging) looks like the photo in this post BUT the ammo is completely different,,, please see my Photo below. Is this the steel core encased in (Lead) and (FMJ) copper jacketed? I am treating this ammo as if it is corrosive but would like to know if anyone here has any thoughts on this? In addition; I have had this ammo for probably 35+ yrs. thanks, Walt~
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PS::: just read my reply to original post and realized that I should have stated that "My photo looks like the original photo posted by PWHITED,,, sorry for the confusion, W~
thank you for the quick reply
jjjxlr8 I intend on just hangin on to this old ammo for future trading; who knows. For the time being will use the stuff I am most familiar with; mostly Russian. Thanks again, W~
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