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Dawgs’ thread on the minty papa holster reminded me of an early T14 holster in the collection. So, I dug it out today. The holster has features of both the papa and T14 holster, but it is T14. I got it out of a collection many moons ago, and it’s one of those things I just had to have. The reason I’m so sure it’s T14 are the wear marks on the inside. The leather is dark and slightly formed in the area of the mag, cocking knob, and safety – very distinctly marked.

The flap is soft. Both the holster flap and cartridge pouch flaps are embossed around the edge. The leather block is inside to help position the pistol and maintain shape. The D rings are properly formed to help position the holster from the shoulder via the straps. The holster was used for a long time. There are wear marks on the flap where the pouch button pushed against the underside of the flap and also indicates a box of ammo was always present.

It would be easy to assume the holster is Chinese, but it’s not. There’re none of the telltale signs from Chinese fabrication, but plenty from Japanese production. All this makes me wonder if the T14 holster was not standardized at the same time as the pistol, or whether holsters of this type were available for officers. After all, General Nambu did have a goal of providing a pistol officers would prefer over the imported variations.

Maybe some ideas can be generated in this thread which will help me put together a short article for Banzai.


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