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I don't believe the first blocks of "Sino Soviet" rifles were a test, they were under direct supervision of engineers & some management that accompanied the shipment of the Tula assembly line, hence the soviet 'style' of serial "block" markings. Once the Chinese realized that their brothers in the struggle were not willing to readily sharing the Kalashnikov design, a divorce of sorts occurred & China threw out the Soviets. By 1956, the Chinese were "doing it" their own way & had not decided on marking requirements/system.
By 1957, Jianshe had made decisions to produce the SKS as well as producing the Type 56 Kalashnikov(at this point the Soviets had finalized there preferred production of the Kalashnikov, the Type 2. Joke being on China, the AKM began mass production in 1959).

I am not an expert, but read alot.
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