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Dutch Mannlicher Model 1895

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I inherited this from my Grandpa and am looking for information on it. I think it is a Dutch Mannlicher Model 1895 but am not sure. It looks as though it has been sportized as the handguard and sights have been removed. It has matching serial numbers everywhere, even on the stock, under the barrel. It also has a marking that appears to say Hembrug above a crown over W that splits the date 1896? But it says Steyr 1896 on the left side of the receiver. I found some M95 clips (w/Nazi emblems) but they do not fit. Does that make it the 6.5x53R? The barrel is 24” and the overall length is 44¼”.
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Thanks, that is a superb answer concerning the conversion of .303 British brass to 6.5mmRimmed. Mind if I quote you in The Mannlicher Collector? Your info is the sort that the public has a need for these days! Thanks,

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