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Couple pics of the No. 3 OM that I picked up off of Gunbroker. Had a crack is the butt that I've fixed and did a bit of cleaning. The markings are nice, but the glare doesn't show them off. Cartouches legible on the stock, both sides, but they have undergone a refurb at some point. 90+% original finish. Bore is filled with old cosmoline. Original sling was included. I was a bit disappointed they didn't include a bayonet though... :rolleyes:

Not bad for my $106 bid, I don't think.... :eek:

Thanks for looking!

- MikeS

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Man, stop it already! I am still jealous from your early post... Give him a bayonet too, imagine that!

If you ain't happy, I will give you $10 over your cost to get you rid of that nasty thing.
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