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So last Friday I bought me a gun safe. I figured it was about time as I have gone to long without one. I do not have a truck or anyway to move a safe thus I was not able to get say one from a big box store. I needed delivery. So I set about searching. My plan was to put it on my 0% interest for 12 months credit card with 1,000 limit. Thus I had to come in at or under 1,000.

So I did research. I knew there was a champion safe dealer in Knoxville TN. So I went and looked at the champion model t. It had 45 minute fire rating, dial lock, and 475 pounds. I intend to bolt it to the floor. So, I found one at DT McCalls. They offered free shipping within 125 mile radius and would bring it in my home. Thus, since it showed in stock on their website I went ahead and placed my order.

I got an email from customer service on Monday asking me to call them back. When I do they tell me that they do not have the Champion model t in stock but that they do have a challenger ch-21 (made by champion) in stock and would let me have it at the same price as the model t.

The challenger has a 60 minute fire rating, door organizer, and weighs 525 pounds so it is a heavier made safe. They are delivering it this Friday afternoon. The challenger they had had an electronic lock but they are changing a lock to a dial lock for free.

DT McCalls was a little messed up on their specs though. Their sales people are not entirely knowledgeable about safes. When I called they told me the model t had a 30 minute fire rating when I knew it had 45. They told me the challenger had 45 minute. SO, when I hung up with them I called champion safe. They did confirm the model t has 45 minute and the challenger 21 has 60 minute. I called DT McCalls back and updated their sales people on the correct specs. The girl seemed thankful.

Champion Model T Specs

Challenger CH-21 Specs

The challenger safe itself comes with a lifetime warranty. I plan to spend 99.99 extra and get a lifetime lock warranty through champion.

I highly recommend DT McCalls to anyone who might consider ordering from them. Everyone I have talked to has been super nice and they have excellent customer service.

Champion makes the following safes for those that don't know and they are in Provo Utah.


Now to buy me some 3/8"X8" wood lags to bolt the safe down to the laminate and subfloor. Then drill through the back insulation and fire board to run electrical outlet for a dehumidifier and light system.

For those of you that do not know Champion, Superior, and Challenger are all one company owned by Ray Crosby who before he owned and ran these companies owned Fort Knox and Liberty safe companies.
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