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DSM34 Photos

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Here are a few photo's of my DSM.
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If I recall correctly your s/n is +/- ~12 from 35,840. Your picture has the stock s/n blocked, but looks like it could be the same as the s/n on your barrel, if so, it matches your barreled receiver. The script on your handguard doesn't look to be period. One would have to wonder why it is there. Mauser DSM handguards are usually number stamped. Depending on the color, grain and dimensions of the handguard, it might be matching or just a good match. As BIO said, the sling is a nice original as is the rod. -a.
Stamped handguard

I thought I better check, too, and my 1935 Mauser-Werke DSM-34 is stamped, not penciled. I'm certain that I have one that has the s/n in pencil, though. -a.

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1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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