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DSM34 Photos

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Here are a few photo's of my DSM.
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Sling, stacking rod are correct. That rod is not a cleaning rod and is screwed in with a coarsely threaded end. Originally, the bolt was numbered from Mauser. The current bolt is most likely a replacement. The 148 is the last 3-digits from another bolt... the RW mark is a Mauser "Hallmark" and there is some disagreement about it's meaning.
308nutt -- perhaps your dsm34 is not Mauser made? If it is Mauser made, I would expect a stamper serial in the channel...
308Nut... That makes me feel better.
Mauser (DSM & KKWs) are stamped and many (most) of the others
are pencil numbered in the channel...

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1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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