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DOT 42 Bayo with breadbag style frog

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Hi guys I need some help figuring out this frog, it is a late war breadbag tan and leather material, steel rivets, I am pretty sure it is czech based on the frog stud cutout. Any ideas, really curious as to what it is. Approx. year production. Thanks George


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Yes its nice, it is believed that this are emergency frogs from end of war for other non standard german models, were found mainly on SG24(t) modell.
There is a lot of discussion on these frogs as to whether they are German WWII or not. They were originally said to be late war frogs, but a lot of current thinking is that they are actually Eastern European. But its stories of them being picked up of the D Day beaches etc. that keeps th old story alive, I have found the only bigger exaggerater than a Vet is a Fisherman
Thank you Andy and old-smithy, it came on the dot, I just assumed it was czech not German based on the cut-out. Looks like a keeper then.
I guess I don't stand a chance,, as I am a vet a fisherman, and a collector.. It has been said that there is a fine line dividing a hobby and insanity,,,, As Johnny Cash once said " I Walk the Line" ( and sometimes cross over).
I rememberthe days i could see the line, passed that about 500 bladesback LOL Nothing personal gudnuff, but you must know the ones i mean
old smithy it was one of the few I ever bought that did not come from a vet, price was more than right and goes with the czech rifles ( 33/40 dot's dou's ) that and I like bayo's. I went pass the line, now I keep it between ditches, Gudnuff I am with you vet fisherman and rabid collector ( I am not carpenter but thanks for the idea on the display board I make it work ). GR
I always chose my own line and, to my surprise, never got into serious trouble. Meaning ... Johnny Cash is one of my favorite artists.:thumbsup:
One of mine too Commander, and George, your welcome,, it is just a sheet of plywood covered in felt with a molding around it, not too hard to do. As far as that line goes. I'll keep one eye closed and that way maybe I'll only see one line and who cares if i step across now and then... Aint it fun?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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