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But- had the following for sale down in the trader- MG34-MG42 by Myrvang: this is a Stackpole collector's series. Cheapest I can find it is $80- yours for $50 plus shipping.
Machine Guns of World War I by R. Bruce- cheapest I saw was $56.33 used. Yours for $40 plus shipping. The Sten Machine Carbine by Laidler: found one at $48.50 used. This is a Stackpole collector's series- lovely. will take $40 plus shipping.
Machine Guns by I. Hogg - $5 plus shipping

I can't do pics, so you have a right to imm. return on all, you ship back. I love swaps and deals, and I'll throw in the last two for free if someone buys the other 4. Needs are ammo, bullets, whatever you want to get rid of. My references are impeccable.
POB ([email protected])
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