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Small World

This dog tag is brass too. My grandfather was actually in the navy. He was on the USS Warren, an attack transport. My Grandfather drove the Higgins boat (the troop transport). He dropped Marines off at the beaches of Kwajalein, Cape Gloucester, Guam and Peleliu. I do believe it was Peleliu where his Higgins was hit by a mortar and sunk. He was picked up by another Higgins going to the beach and landed on the shores with the Marines. Once on shore they made him a Marine and he fought with the guys until such time when he could get back to the ship. This is the only place I know where he actually touched the beach. He may have gotten it there...the odds are good. Or he could have won it in a card game on the ship...he did love cards :)

If you know anything more about this tag please let me know.

I have an M-1 carbine that I bought from a former LtJG. on the Warren (APA-53)! His roomate was one of the beachmasters on Peleliu and picked it up ashore when he was forced to help defend the beach! The beachmaster was transferred shortly after Guam and left the carbine in his locker for the guy I bought it from! I met him last year in a local retirement home after buying the carbine from his son. Here is a link to more information about this great ship and her crew!
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