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Do other TT33 Hammer assemblies fit the Yugo version?What about other parts?

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First off, I'm so happy I found this board. It seems that many people here know these handguns inside and out.

I'm curious if the hammer/sear assemblies from other 7.62 Tokarevs fit and function in the Yugo model. Also, what about barrels, recoil springs, slides, etc. Has anyone tried interchanging parts or compiled a list of what fits what? I just got myself and the wife two great looking M57's and want to keep them working for a long time. I had to dip all the parts in BBQ lighter fluid for an hour to get the cosmo off. Also, how does one remove the firing pin? Links with example pictures would be great.

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most parts on tokarevs are interchangeable, but may require final fitting. The yugo is different though, and I am not positive if parts like the barrel are interchangeable....

On the firing pin, with a small punch push in on the pin until it clears the retaining block: with the pin pushed in, push down on the retaining block until it comes out. Then, the pin and spring will come out for cleaning.

You can also just use carb cleaner to spray out the firing pin. Thats what i do. SPray it until its clean, and moves easily in the slide......MUCH easier and safer for the gun then removing everything......Just spray some gun oil or clp inside it after it dires to lube it......
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