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Did you guys see this one?

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Hey Guys,

I lost the link to the GB auction but it ended yesterday. I was eyeballing it and almost bid, It was a WW2 USMC 1903A1 recreation with a 10X Unertl and the seller stated it had a 1943 USMC marked barrel. I dont know enough about these but I was tempted. If I remember right it was up for auction the week before with a reserve somewhere above $1,900.00 because it got to that and didnt sell. It just sold yesterday for $1,625.00 without a reserve. What would you guys have paid?

Sorry for the bad pics but its all I have.

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You probably can not build on for that amount of money. That was probably a good deal. The stock, if not a restamp, is pretty valuable.

Those USMC marked barrels by Sedsley?sp?, were of inferior quality. As I recall, they were surplused and not used.
Yeah, I think I'm regretting not putting a couple bids in now. Maybe the next one that comes along. I was a little unsure so I figured I would throw pics up here to know what to look for next time.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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