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In or Out It's not that simple

I am writing with Glenn Beck on TV to my right. Now we are suppose to have armed police in each and every school so as to prevent a terror attack on our children.

Dem's say we need to get out of Iraq so this will stop, and Al Qu. will go away.

Rep's say that we need to stay destroy all the terrorist keeping the fight over there away from the USA (not all Republicans say this look at my Sen from Maine Snow and Collins they are Dems in all but name)

If only it were that simple. Ask why do the people of the world "hate" us so much? Well we don't keep our promises, we have way too much (in thier opinion), we use way too much (ibid), and basicly many are just plain Jealous of what we hard working people anywhere in the world have worked for. It's not just a problem for the USA. Just look at France and England and the problems of the last year or so

Years ago I was taught why a poor peasant who lived in a poor country would choose Communism over Democracy. Having nothing to show for day after day of hard work, it looks great if everyone has equal parts! But here is the catch, they were not told of those who are not happy unless they have more than they do. You have to be blind not to see this attitude in Iraq.

When the US entered Iraq, we told the people there that we would kick out the evil rotten garbage and sit them up with jobs, food, a government and everything else that would be needed for a happy and safe life. But what do they hear from our politicians now, "we need to leave", NOW. Well I guess we haven't been paid yet so why not quite, just like Vietnam, Samolia, and a cast of other places.

Well let us look at things like a Pro Economist might and ask one simple question about the future.....What happens when we leave without finishing the job we started?

1) Oil surges to more than over 125.00 a barrel (that is if we can
get it out of the Persian Gulf

2) Iran takes over the richest part of the world

3) More "illegal immigration" - not farm workers but rather terrorist
as if they are not already "leaking" in

3) 9/11 after 9/11 attacks occur over and over again across our nation
and other locations across the world

4) And never will anyone in the world belief us again in other words it
would be like saying "the checks in the mail"

These are just a few of my rants after little sleep for a few days


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stay or go

ok all out there,

I feel that there is one basic question to be asked here. (maybe over simplistic but).

Do we as a nation stay in Iraq, or cut and run.

Now I think that we have to list pro and con to each answer.

I can say that I have thought long and hard and can honestly say I feel that we need to stay and finish that what we started and promised the people of Iraq we would do! It is this statement that I brought up about peasants and communism, and as has been pointed out they don't get what was promised but are just used as cannon fodder. Just tell me that the average Iraqi doesn't want a safe, happy life for thier family. They want to see life go by, kid grow and start the cycle over again. Answer me this oh those who wish us out of there, If we leave now, can the Iraqi people build rafts and boat to get away. Will it be ok for them to sneak in the USA somehow and have a child so they can stay? I have been told that we can not be the worlds police force, but actions tell me that we can become the worlds welfare office. Charity begins at home, so lets help them have a home that they can be safe in!

We need to be realistic about the world, now and tomorrow. We have to be interested in long term effects to our actions, not the quick "make you feel good" actions (ie whipping off a quick cruise missle at Old man osama) of the past Democratic admin. We have backed too many dictators and despotes around the world over the pastyears (yes this goes back to the turn of the 19th century). It is time that we stop and really mean what we say and say what we mean. If it is wrong it needs to be wrong.

NEXT. I am sick of all the politicians running around and telling the public what needs to be done by our military. Bluntly put: WHAT MILITARY ACADEMY DID YOU GRADUATE FROM, AND WHERE (WHAT BATTLE) DID YOU LEARN HOW TO PUT THAT EDUCATION TO WORK. I would not think of telling a banker how to handle the federal fund nightmare, and expect him not to tell me how to run an X Ray machine in the Operation Room! Tell them to throw out the book "How to Make Statistics Lie", they are only helping themselves......Oh I forgot thats what they want to do.

Don't get me wrong I love this country and will die for her if asked to (except unless they get so hard up like the Nazi's did at the end of WWII they would just laugh me away...who needs an over the hill reasearcher back out there). Just being able to kick this stuff around without anyone getting angry and sending the seceret police to my door..............wait is that a knock at my door? But seriously we need to turn things back in time. Back to a time when we worked together and trusted those who did the jobs that were asked of them. I don't think that Robert E Lee would be left to do his job today as he was back during the Civil (I am a true Yankee up here in Maine)War.

We need to have our leaders stop lining pockets and spewing "pork" across the land. Close our boarders, take care of our old and sick, and get off Oil. Here in Maine we have some of the highest energy costs in the nation. Since the 1960 the liberal masses have fought each and every attempt at providing cheaper power; Dickey Lincolin dam poject, Quaddy tidal project, countless other smaller dams, wind power, and even got our only nuclear plant closed. But guess what they all want to turn on thier lights and entertainment, after parking the car don't you know! All this when oil was 60 cents a gallon for heating and you could go a week around town on ten bucks. I love to fish and hunt, but I want to be warm more!

FINALLY (and you thought I would never stop- my wife made me go shopping with her so I had a break) Nothing will change until we develop new energy sources.
Anyone who thinks that terror and terrorist are going to stop and leave us alone just because we leave is "Nuts" (IMHO). This isn't a storybook tale. Radical Islam has been at war with someone since they formed. Always one sect against another. But now they, Radical Islam, have informed the world that only they have the right to exist and they will not stop until all nonbelievers are gone.

Please wake up and smell the coffee!

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