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its about 80% the capability of a 5.56. for rang and velocity. nasty littel round works good for varmet hunting or target. i have been useing a ar pistol in 545 for a few yers for a brush gun works great on the commy rabbits/*****/ wild dogs. the ammo is for the most part corosive you need to clean it daily for three days after you fire or it rusts.
Mine tends to jam up with the wolf non-corrosive, but runs like a champ with silver bear.
The bolt literally locks up solid with a round in the chamber and will not function with the lacquer coated ammo.
I haven't run real surplus through it yet to avoid the corrosive cleaning issues.
So far so good with the silver bear though.
The parkerized looking mags do better than the painted ones in the S&W upper that I picked up.
your chamber is to tight the assembler left it at minimum speck take it to a smith with the gadges and reemer and have it loosend or just fire 1000 rounds and it will loosen its self. dont worry to much about the rust ishue just cleen it three days in a row after you shoot it.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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