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Today is the 67th Anniversary of the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor. I hope we all take a minute or two to, in one way or another do something to commemorate the event.
Earlier this AM I wrote the following in response to a post on the CMP forum. Besides what I wrote below, I think I’ll go outside and shoot off a blank with one of the Chrome O3s, maybe the 1907 RIA.

When I was a kid, my Father had a large collection of 78 rpm records, which were unfortunately lost when our very large Family house burned down in 1989. Within the collection were a number of WWII propaganda records, some by the **** Robertson Orchestra from somewhere in the midwest. My dad said these records amazingly appeared in the stores within two to three weeks after the Pearl Harbor Attack. One of our favorites was Robertson's "Remember Pearl Harbor". It is in a semi march beat with Robertson on vocal backed up by a male chorus. The flip side is the now very politically incorrect "You're A Sap Mister Jap" which is a pretty good swing tune with hot clarinet solo. Several others within the group were- Goodbye Momma (I'm Off To Yokohama)-I may Stay Away a Little Longer-We Did It Before- and the never out of date-I am an American, among others. Many bands played a few of these tunes, Robertson seems to be one that played them all, and I might say. with verve.
An interesting fact to all this is that the composer list of these tunes reads like the roll of famous American composers of Tin Pan Alley- Irving Berlin, Harry Van Tilzer, J. Fred Coots, and others.
I was able to find all the Robertson's we lost in a junk store that was selling off the estate collection of a departed record collector. Last night, and again today, I will play these tunes in remembrance

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