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Serviceable brass can be made from 7.62X54R Russian. All you need to do is run the case into the 6.5 Daudeteau sizer and trim to length. The shoulder is a little further back on the Russian case but it will fireform nicely on the first firing (I never lost a case). Originally I fireformed the cases with light loads of Unique and C.O.W. but found that it was just as easy to make up a light bulleted load and form them that way.

Also although the original ammunition was semi rimmed with a slightly smaller rim, I found there was no need to make those modifications to the Russian cases used in this rifle. The rims chamber fine and work OK with the extractor as is in my rifle. The base diameter on the Russian case is a mite smaller than the 6.5 Daudeteau and you may see some expansion there. Once formed though it doesn't change.
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