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Here are few pictures of some of my Mauser 71 modified for Dovitis By the manufacture de St Denis in 6.5m/m Daudeteau.

Two rifles and one carbine.
I must admit that I paid a lot less than the prices mentioned above.
Let me add the translation of an article published by Mr. Regenstreif


In 1894, the Uruguayan staff is concerned with startup in his army of modern weapons of small gauge, vis-à-vis with the re-equipment in this direction of his powerful neighbors. The small local army uses a disparate sampling of MAUSER M.1871 bought in Germany and REMINGTON "ROLLING BLOCK" in 11 mm Rem, obtained in the USA.

Finances are poor, the merchants of weapons and greedy intermediaries... intervenes then an unexpected patron in the person of a Greek military tailor of the name of DOVITIS, which having made fortune in the clothes industry of uniforms intended for the forces armed with its new fatherland, decides to offer on its own sums of money, a new armament with its new fatherland! In fact of new armament, it will be necessary to be satisfied with the transformation of that one has, in fact to modify the MAUSER 1871 in a more modern gauge.

One is unaware of unfortunately by which methods our man passed to lead to the S.F.A.P. of St Denis...! Always it is that 10 000 of these “Weapons” find on a boat destination the old continent.

For which reason to have chosen this strange gauge of 6,5 mm n°12? One can see there probable "a chicanery" between initiates and "specialists", by remembering that it was undoubtedly necessary to honor the orders with cartridges placed to the S.F.M., inter alias, for the unhappy tests of the two other "product-headlights" of the house, models "A" and "B".

The DOVITIS return to the fold, accompanied by a substantial quantity of ammunition, and will be distributed to the troop, but the business appears a memorable fiasco quickly: indeed, the cartridges manufactured by the S.F.M. have a starter whose brass, too thick, causes a very irregular percussion, the spring of striker of the 71 not having been reinforced. Moreover, at the time, the process of annealing partial of the cases is still unknown and on this small caliber, the phenomena of tension of metal cause with the collets of the disastrous longitudinal cracks. On the two single delivered batches, with marking of Uruguayan base, almost totality will finish shamefully, balanced in water of Rio of Plata...

And it will be the end of this hybrid weapon, except, well on, for the collectors. DOVITIS, not discouraging itself for if little, repeats while proposing to make new barrel French rifles GRAS of surplus in 7x57 MAUSER! Fortunately, the best stories being shortest, Uruguay will adopt at this time the MAUSER of this caliber... and it will be the end of the history.

Philippe Regenstreif, April 2005."

best regards
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