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(2007-09-20) — Vice President Dick Cheney, responding to Sen. Hillary Clinton’s reference to him as “Darth Vader,” this morning addressed the Democrat presidential hopeful saying: “Hillary, I am your father.”

“Before I turned to what you call ‘the dark side’,” Mr. Cheney explained, “I was once like you, Sen. Clinton. I had hopes and dreams that good could triumph over evil through the force of government regulation. But then my eyes were opened to the true source of power — freedom — and my lust for that power has driven me since that day.”

Mr. Cheney said he would try to persuade Sen. Clinton to cross over to his side, but that “ultimately, the only way for freedom to prevail is for its opponents to be defeated.”

A spokesman for Mrs. Clinton said the senator “would never turn, but would continue to use the force of government to protect people from the evils of capitalism, the dangers of liberty, and the devastating consequences of a rigid interpretation of the Constitution.”
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