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Damaged M1 Garand

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I purchased a M1 Garand and the seller dropped the gun on a tile floor. He called and told me he was refunding my money however, I am wondering if the front sight on the M! is replaceable at all. He told me it appears the gears are jammed and can't change left to right and side to side.
And help would be helpful.

Sorry, I meant the rear site
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There is no gear on the front, only on the rear and you can get pinions and drives from several sources.
Yes, all the rear sight parts can be easily replaced. It should take less than 5 minutes.

He must be talking about the rear site. They can both be replaced. The rear one is a little more work.
No big deal other than the cost of parts. As stated above 5 min job that must Garand smiths will do while you wait.

Would be more worried about a marred/scratched receiver.
Well, there is barrel bending to worry about as well, maybe a remote chance, but I've seen actualy rifles damaged by a bent barrel, a couple of hunting rifles dropped by young-ins who haven't heard about the value of a dollar or why guns shouldn't be dropped like camera's shouldn't be, to the time over twenty years ago while in the army a knucklehead was running with his m16a1 and tripped on a rock and fell on his rifle thus somehow bending the barrel and the upper and lower receiver, all cause he was six and a half foot tall and looked like a linebacker and weighed well over two hundred pounds. I dropped a cheap older taurus snub nose revolver accidently on my concrete patio, empty, and it started printing holes a little to the right from then on, with the fixed sights.
Dropping is bad, lucky the guy will refund yer money, I wouldn't question it any further, and who knows, he may know about something bad he might have wanted to pass along but felt it was wrong to do so, or may just want to keep it after all, which could be a whole lotta trouble you just want to avoid.
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Be happy thee guy was straight up and aved you heartburn. Post positive feed back on him. Most guys would think twice about a rapid refund.
He didn't just get a better offer from a local buyer.....and you just got a "story"?
ammolab, That is the first thing I thought of, sounds like an excuse to not go through with the sale. I have owned M1's since I was 12, (53 years ago) probably 120 over my life, still have 35 or 40. M1's were ment to take abuse, would have to be a pretty hard drop to do damage, even to the rear sight. yeah, sounds like a story - Skid
My first thought too. I imagined the seller looked the rifle over for the most fragile part and settled on the sites. Ask for pics...
I kinda wonder how many M1's have been dropped in action picked up and were just fine................
A Fragile Military Rifle????

Gee! I thought military grade rifles were designed and tested to take some banging around. If what the seller says is true, then I'd make a "counter-offer", or a revised purchase price, of a lower dollar amount, since the seller claims the Garand has been damaged.
Did you buy it online? Post a link to the rifle. To me, it sounds like the seller just wants out of the sale. How much did you pay for the rifle? Was it WWII or post-war?
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